Communication & Multimedia



Barbara Victoria Niveyro is a writer and producer based in New York. Since 2010 she has worked in theater as a director’s assistant and in video in various different roles -from television and film production, to media acquisitions, sound and stop-motion- for Turner, Construir Tv, BAFICI, Brett Morgan, Larson Studios, MNN and NYXT. After graduating from Film School, she studied Audio Engineering at SAE Institute,  Business Communication at Pratt Institute and Writing and Activism at The New School. In 2017 she won an scholarship at Can Serrat, the International Art Production Residency from Barcelona, where she worked on her projects  Almonds and beer and Doesn’t Land.

She is currently collaborating with cultural centers, non-profits, startups, magazines, art galleries and audiovisual projects -such as Arteinformado, Regia Mag, DiMoDA, Rolf Art and Barro-, and writes about arts & culture from a very intimate perspective.

She lives in Fort Greene, Brooklyn with Clementine, the cat.


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