@ The Film Society of Lincoln Center

Okay, I recognize that I am an arrogant ‘Brooklyn girl’: I avoid and abhor the noise level of Manhattan, and, if possible, I do not cross beyond Chelsea and the Lower East Side. But I know that from March 18th through March 29th my life will revolve around 11 West 53 Street and 165 West 65 Street, where the MoMA and the Film Society of Lincoln Centerwill host the NEW DIRECTORS / NEW FILMS, respectively.

 new directors

I’m not so much of a festival geek (expected for the Brooklyn girl I am) and I don’t deal in snobbery. I acknowledge that I am an anti- cinephile. But this time is different. That’s only because I want to support my friends, to support Argentine cinema, and also because after a year without leaving the Big Apple really need a great escape; even if it is only through the silver screen. That’s why I decided to start my New York spring cinematographically -with a fresh beer as dessert.

For those who didn’t know, this is NEW DIRECTORS/NEW FILMS: “Since 1972, the festival has been an annual rite of early spring in New York City, bringing exciting discoveries from around the world to adventurous moviegoers. All aspects of cinema, from production to exhibition, have changed dramatically over the years, but the spirit of innovation and the element of surprise that have always defined this festival remain intact. A co-presentation of The Museum of Modern Art and the Film Society of Lincoln Center, New Directors/New Filmsis now in its 44th year. Filmmakers such as Pedro Almodóvar, Kelly Reichardt, Atom Egoyan, Spike Lee, Richard Linklater, Sally Potter, John Sayles, Steven Spielberg, Wim Wenders, and Wong Kar Wai, have all premiered work here early in their careers.” THE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART

Here my plan, which is feminine -during women’s month-, primaveral  -after wearing three layers of pants during the last months-  &  reflexive because in March life is beautiful and hostile and errant miracles are coming to catch you.